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We continue to get compliments on this table and it will be in our family for generations to come.  We would highly recommend Porter Furniture if you're looking for quality handmade furniture. 


Rachael - Shawnee, KS


Call us old fashioned...but we believe the best things are still built by hand. 


Several years ago, I was given a barn by a family friend that was on it's last leg. It was set to be destroyed; instead, I took the barn apart by hand, saving every piece of useable lumber that I could, and Porter Furniture was born. 


Every time we take a barn apart, we are amazed at the craftsmanship and care that went into these structures. We take great care to put the same detail into every piece of furniture that we create, giving new life to this lumber. 


We love our work, and we would love to create a one of a kind piece of furniture...just for you. 







Our reclaimed lumber comes straight from the source; century old barns here in the Midwest that we personally disassemble and repurpose. The lumber has character that is impossible to recreate; old square nail holes, worm holes, knots and other characteristics that make it unmistakably original. 

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